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The Bags have arrived!!!

After a long wait while our artesan reworked and refined the bag designs to get them just right, they're finally here!

A little later than we hoped, but you can't rush quality...

The tote bag is a simple, but effective solution for your transportation and storage needs, and it's a good sturdy design.

The deluxe satchel is a bit more involved... 3 different compartments, reinforced with straps that go all the way round in both directions, and clip together to keep it all tidy. This one will transport & store, as well as providing a bit more protection from the elements in transit.

Very sturdy in design - the additional cost just reflects the amount of work that has gone in to each one.

We honestly hope you are as happy with these new products as we are. It's been a long anticipated event, and we're so glad we got them in time for Christmas!

They are in limited supply, and are a website exclusive so you'll need to be quick...

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